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Desc:the whole glorious thing
Category:Classic Movies, Cartoons & Animation
Tags:Pink Floyd, The Wall, animation, roger waters
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Comment count is 21
4 stars for being the whole thing, but this is not particularly glorious if you're over 14.
wtf japan
The same could be said of the Lord of the Rings.

I guess YOUR father never died in the Second World War.

Wrong! Do it again!

Five for memories of watching this with my mom. It was a bit tame for her usual taste in crazy movies, but she enjoyed it well enough.
Jet Bin Fever
5, but Still my least favorite Pink Floyd album, sorry.
Least favorite Pink Floyd album or most favorite Roger Waters solo album?

Understandable that it's not high on your list, but worse than "the final cut"? really?

Dinkin Flicka
I was just going to say that The Final Cut is my favorite Pink Floyd album. Count it against me.

Goofy Gorilla
"Not now John" was probably better than any track on Meddle or any of its preceding albums.

Dinkin Flicka
Echoes is actually my favorite Pink Floyd song ever. But you're right, Not Now John is great.

Syd Midnight
"Amused to Death" was the best Rog solo album, and there is no worst Floyd album. After Rog left every Floyd song was about Rog leaving so they maintained an honest level of sorrow.

Louis Armstrong
Oh No!!! I will be dreaming of marching hammers for a week.

Again :(
Gerald Scarfes' animation (esp the bit @ 38:00 ) blew my mind permanently at the tender age of 11
Syd Midnight
Blew my mind at the tender age of 25, with the help of LSD. There's a cunning plan that will go awry.

Jeff Fries
Is it good, is that thing a vagina
is good

fuck you all. this was a great album and great movie
Syd Midnight
If you don't like "The Wall" then fuck you. It's okay to hate it. Even Roger Waters hates it. He thinks Pink wasn't a sympathetic character, becoming Mr Big Rockstar and all. But just because you hate it doesn't mean you can't love it too. I mean I hate the bible but I couldn't say it's not beautiful and full of meaning.
John Holmes Motherfucker
I think of Johnny Rotten's famous "I hate Pink Floyd" T shirt, and it seems weird to me now that hating ANY band could ever seem so outrageous.

I've hated THE WALL album ever since the first (only) time I heard "The Trial". Naturally, I've never seen the movie.
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