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Desc:Charlie Sheen has some ideas about what happened on 9/11.
Category:News & Politics, None
Tags:9/11, alex jones, truthers, Charlie Sheen
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Comment count is 11
Charlie sheen is the Chris-Chan of Hollywood. Really! None of the other celebrities want much to do with him because of his social retardation. His purported antics include carrying around a Realdoll to parties and then taking an axe to it when it didn't help 'pick up chicks' as he'd planned.
My all time favorite Hollywood story may be when Charlie Sheen saw some cheesy Japanese horror movie at a party and then called the FBI thinking that he had seen a snuff film. His cocaine addled mind works on a different level than the rest of us and I for one admire his willingness to attempt to share his thoughts with us mere mortals.
That would be the Guinea Pig movies, they even made a "behind-the-scenes" video right after the whole thing.

Wow! I remember seeing a bootleg of one of those waaaaaaay back in the day of VHS. The needle-in-eye part was horrifying.

Look at all those floating TV-shaped boxes. Did Frank Miller direct this video?
HP Lovesauce
Conspiracists are a conflicted bunch. They concede people are capable of incredible things but only if they're shitty incredible things.

Moon landing: No Way
9/11: Totally
Well, 9/11 truthers do give credit to the conspiracists for AMAZING levels of discipline. If they're right, there's been a successful coverup of several thousand murders by what must have been over a hundred conspiracists for over 8 years now and nobody has betrayed the cabal in a fit of conscience yet. By contrast, Nixon couldn't keep a dozen conspiracists from leaking the non-violent Watergate scandal for even a month.

I love when celebrities, who make more money, have more sex, and have access to better drugs than the rest of us, are complete morons.
Kill all celebrities they are ruining something.

If I take over hating celebrities, can we get rid of Patton?

Hi, I"m Charlie Sheen!

You might remember me from such films as "The Wraith", "Terminal Velocity", and "Money Talks." I'm here today to tell you about a dark cloud that is hovering over this country....
"A gay-storm is coming, oh wait..."

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