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Desc:'The ultimate futuristic fantasy epic' -featuring Neo-Neo-Nazis!
Category:Classic Movies, Arts
Tags:Nazis, Trailer, ralph bakshi, wizards, der Fuhrer
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Comment count is 28
Every time I go to the video rental place I see this on the shelf and almost get it. I think it's finally time I saw this movie.
I think that's a good decision

Hugo Gorilla
Ralph Bakshi constructs his own story based on the flawed premise that Lord of the Rings was high handed allegory and Vaughn Bode comics. There's a scene where a captured fairy is forced to sing and strip for mutant goblin Nazis. And I think the good wizard curses at one point because this is serious stuff and for adults. Now you don't have to see it.

Absolutely hated it.

But yeah, it does need to be watched.

I live in Europe. As much as Germans feel uncomfortable talking about Hitler, a good German friend fell all over himself to watch this film. He was not disappointed.

It's alright, but Bashki's done other things that are way better (though unfortunately there's little chance of Coonskin ever seeing the light of day on DVD)

Mister Shady
Don't forget to top off the bong before watching. I'd keep it filled through out the movie as well.

Wizards was worse than the holocaust because at least the holocaust was pretty good for a holocaust. You know, it was effective at what it set out to do. Wizards tried to be a movie and it failed horribly.

I don't know what all this Bakshi-hate is about. There are bad movies that are actually too bad to watch, but this isn't one of them.

I don't know if it was an 'epic', but whatever the fuck it was go see it.
Rodents of Unusual Size
I hate this movie so much. 5 stars of pure, craptastic evil.
Bakshi's anatomical education ended where "boobies" left off, but before "skeletal system" started.

"Wizards is a Tolkien-en world" except filtered through both the 1970s and Ralph Bakshi's anus
Forgive me for 5-starring my own video but these are for you.

"Oh yeah... one more thing: I'm glad you changed your last name, you son of a bitch!" :D
Like all things Bakshi this movie is ridiculous, flawed and overly rotoscoped. But it's also a lot of fun with a lot of interesting imagery. Any good nerd should watch it at some point.
My god. Has it really been more than 25 years since I've seen this movie? It's still burnt into my mind like it was yesterday.

(Am I too old to be here?)
Quitcher bitchin' and pass the Geritol.

Goofy Gorilla
If Peter Falk actually had done this movie it would literally be the Greatest Fantasy Film of All Time.
Another awesome movie that only I like. I need to compile a list of movies that only I like so I can use them as weapons against the world.

Where's my copy of El Topo got to...
Everybody likes El Topo. That is actually a good movie.

Wizards is garbage. One of the worst movies I have ever seen and I have seen some pretty dire crap.

Ever see Reign in Darkness? I need to find some clips from that sucker...

the EVIL ROBOT is named PEACE see do you get it DO YOU GET IT
Actually when it's evil it's called Necron 99. It gets the name peace later in the movie. If you watched it, you'd understand.

These stars are mostly for the sinister music that starts around 1:00 inexplicably giving way to what sounds like a bad porn soundtrack.
I'll bet that really blows your mind if you're stoned.

Five stars always for Baksi, and all the subtle undercurrents his stories convey.
Michael Houser
I saw this as a young lad and loved it, though even then I knew it was flawed, but Jesus what a weird violent awkward cartoon like no other. Nowadays it's utter crap, and only really enjoyable as nostalgia. As a child it haunted me, for obvious reasons.
Mark Hamill as king of the fairies!!!
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