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Desc:Why bother working out when you can paint your stomach?
Category:Educational, Fashion
Tags:how to, makeup, abs, faked, unconvincing
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Comment count is 15
Frank Rizzo
step 1, be a fine ass asian with a nice ass stomach...
Are you afraid of what others, particularly the one you want to start a relationship, may think of you? Well you should deceive them, by showing them you can't commit to achieving things purportedly important to you!
Big Beef Burritos Supreme
My entire life is how I look. I cannot leave the house without preening for an hour.

Also, when I go to the beach I can't enter the water in case my abs and face wash off.
I'm not gay. But when she was brushing her cute little tummy...

I can't rate this until I reexamine my life.
that actually just made her look fat.
She has a great stomach which doesn't require abs.
Life imitates Strongbad.
If I made a video trying this method, would you guys watch it? I warn you, I am not a fine ass Asian with a nice ass stomach.

By her own admission, this method is BS and only designed to get you to beach yourself in nature for a while.
This works

I have a rock hard ab right now
It just made her stomach look weird. She should have just left it to defining the side of her ab wall/external oblique. Even then, it would just make her already small tummy look like it was popping out.

...art nerd.

Instant 5 for the first example of this unintentionally failing...both for the comedy, then the follow up feeling of pity and sadness for the person that thought this would work.
also note that above the bikini line her breast area is too pale

Jet Bin Fever
This video is better with the sound off.
THis video is better with my pants off.

great now i have a boner
Five stars for evil.
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