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Category:Video Games, Crime
Tags:Capcom, dead rising, vandalism, great moments in overzealous customer service work
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Comment count is 11
Goethe and ernie
As incredibly entertaining as bits like this were, Dead Rising was a deeply terrible game.
Terrible? No, just deeply flawed.

That is a completely wrong assessment and you should be ashamed of yourself.

I don't even know what flaws you guys are talking about, Dead Rising is still one of the best games for the 360.

Goethe has some insane grudge against this awesome game. I think it's because of homosexuality. I don't know where or in what capacity or even who, though.

I've been in wars, ya know.
I need medicine
Too much guido.
Just like the subway scene in Ghost.

Also, mouth-breathing heroes are the bestest.
Colonel Cowlung
Stars deducted because Frank isn't wearing wrestling tights and a servbot head. Costume changes are the best part of Dead Rising cut-scenes.

It's a pretty sweet game when you feel like being creatives. Grab a skateboard, bass guitar, fistful of diamonds, hot frying pan, and some orange juice and get out there and fuck some shit up. When you run out of diamonds, stick a shower head in a lady zombie's head and take a picture of her panties.
Loved some of the psychopaths in the game, the fact that I have a fear of clowns really made the Adam death scene something I remembered for awhile.
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