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Desc:One of these vehicles does not do very well.
Category:Accidents & Explosions, Science & Technology
Tags:Crash Test, bel air, Chevy, malibu, rust cloud
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Comment count is 14
man you're good at sniping from the hopper
yeah because anonymous totally has front-page privileges

Maggot Brain
Fuzzy dice
Tuan Jim
Everyone knew the feud between old Floyd and his grandson could only be settled one way...

on the parkway of honor.

They sure don't know how to make them anymore. Sometimes that's a good thing.
They murdered a classic car to state the obvious. I'd one star this because it offends me, but it's evil and that's kind of the point of this place.

Three star compromise.
It was a 59 Chevy sedan.. As good a use for it as any I say.

One less 59 sedan means the rest of them got a bit more expensive.

If it was a 56 Coupe I would be pretty pissed, by 1959 they had gotten ugly and ridiculous.

Five stars for murdering worthless old cars.

Stupid Lisa Garbage Face
Yeah but back then they didn't expect anyone to survive a car crash anyway
Big Beef Burritos Supreme
A deathtrap society is a sedate society.

How much of that car is bondo though? I call foul.
Rest in peace, Uncle Phil.
who'd have thought a new shitty car would be safer than an old shitty car. truly the mind boggles.
After this the dummies pulled out swords and fought without their mounts.
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