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Desc:....and now you know
Tags:racism, bus stop, black people
Submitted:Time Travel Mishap
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Comment count is 30
Wonderfully stated.

Rodents of Unusual Size
Is it wrong to be turned on by this?
Well, knowing that you and I are both turned on right now is a bit awkward.

doesn't have to be

touch each other

You wont even know we're here except for the glow of our cigarettes.

But a black man has yet to become president of the United States.
Time Travel Mishap
Cena_mark is officially broke everybody. He kept screaming stupid bullshit about obama and now he has gone into denial and has forgot the man ever existed.

Expect alot of "who the fuck is that guy where is bush?" posts in the near future.

I'd say he's "broke" in that he is completely spent as a troll.
It's just easily-shot-down sputterings now. There's no mystery or challenge anymore.

Retire your jersey and facepaint, Cena. You looked like a half-assed juggalo anyway.

wtf japan
It is a matter of common understanding that Obama's father gave birth to him in Kenya as a result of unholy congress with a voodoo goddess. Cena is therefore correct, in that it was not a black MAN who recently became president, but a black SCION.

Rodents of Unusual Size
You're just bitter because you were born a poor black man. Keep aiming for them stars and soon you will have a stuffed llama in your swank pad.

Admittedly, Obama isn't blacka than black yall. He doesn't even have a comb stuck in his hair for Christ' sake.

Bill Clinton was legally elected.

Sick Man
You're black if you look black.

Didn't we have this conversation a few months ago? I could have sworn we have done this before.

Barack Obama: Not Black Enough For Cena_Mark

Syd Midnight
Funny how the redneck's "paper bag" rule, the "one drop" rule, the "would you let him date your daughter" rule, and the "grandfather clause" go right out the window when a black guy gets elected president.

Really, guys? I found this pretty trite. Plus it promotes the idea that there's really only one "right" American dialect and anybody who doesn't use it is uneducated (and of course poor, and therefore bad). Still the homemade rap CD bit was a'ight.

I see.

A nontraditional statement, one seldom made, that inter-racial racism is still racism, is trite.

Trite defined as being boring from overuse.

This seldom used message is trite.

He didn't say anything about his dialect other than he didn't want to catch shit for his own educated dialect. For his dialect, manner and tastes.

I guess I'm calling you an ignorant (insert race here) man.

But still, kudos on only three-staring a video you didn't like, despite the quality of the clip.

FUCK. I agree with BJB.

How did this happen?

What have I become?


See, I thought acting like black dudes have a monopoly on homemade rap CDs was a little bit ignorant.

Oh yeah this is a totally new sentiment. No one's EVER pointed out that some black people talk differently from others and this causes some sort of schism. Yeah you're right totally non-traditional in that you only hear about it or see it fifty times a week instead of seventy five.

Also, what he said is that he's WELL-spoken. How is that not assigning value to his own dialect, you damned nimrod? Jesus Christ, it's not like this is hard. He places a positive value on his own dialect, talks about the values of education, which immediately implies that the other guy isn't educated and couldn't be because he's not "well-spoken", whatever the fuck THAT means. All after five seconds of listening to the other guy speak, and it's not even really implicit. It's pretty explicit.

Also, what the fuck are the ratings for besides saying, I don't like this? I think, but I'm not sure, that that's the stupidest thing ever said about anything ever.

And now you've made me write several paragraphs about a dumbass three star video. I guess you win, after all.

Fuck you, you're cluttering up videos with condescending bullshit. Your nuance is bullshit and fueled on condescension, as you rally against condescension and ONE WORLD DIALECT. Well-spoken English and Ebonics are not fucking mutual you sheltered retard. Now shut you fucking mouth and sit the fuck down, you hypocritical mouth breather.

Yeah, I did fucking win. But not for you posting. That was fucking terrible.

And it's a four and a half star video, you fucking owl.

Nah, pretty sure Camonk handed you your own ass there, dude. Sorry.

Reckless Tortuga is a pretty solid troupe. This guy, whatever his name is, usually lands the straight-man roles for the other actors to bounce their zany characters off of.

He does have a few of these fourth-wall monologues that are pretty decent, but unfortunately are the weakest of what Reckless Tortuga has to offer. Only because he happens to be the most boring member of the group.
that works
Mister Shady
The only person that hates black men more than anybody else is another black man.

And by "black men/man" I mean niggers.
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