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Desc:When women get mad, they do this.
Category:Cartoons & Animation, Educational
Tags:panties, cwc, sonichu, Chris-Chan, audiobook
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Comment count is 28
Chris Chan is the reincarnation of Jonathan Swift.
Except Jonathan Swift realized he was being satirical.

If only his mother hadn't been so dead set on trying to induce abortion through alcohol poisoning.

Camel toe!
"You also drag the american hopes and dreams"
The Great Hippo
Jason as Himself was what really got me. Imagine how awesome/terrifying it is to have Chris-Chan writing this shit about you, and then to voice your own creepy character.
Midnight Man
minus one star for making me deal with turning off the idiot commentary
God bless whoever goes to the trouble to make them audio-books.
Caminante Nocturno
Internet Revenge Comics: The greatest honor a man can have bestowed upon him.
I don't keep up with this whole christ chan thing. there's just so much too it I wouldn't know where to begin. Does he actually make these comics himself, or is someone else doing it?
Man Who Fights Like Woman
Yeah, the art and writing are all done by Chris(t)-Chan. As well as the concept, if you can believe that.

Yikes. So is there a compilation somewhere on youtube of all his crap that I can use to catch up with this psycho's shit?

Archive of all deleted videos:


Current Youtube account:


Also, the Encyclopedia Dramatica page is a good place for background info:


Be sure to check out "The Megan Saga". But be careful, because ED is also NSFW.

Turn on your browser's private/porn mode before viewing that shit!

Also there is apparently a whole Wiki site just for him. One Google search away

Wait, maybe not: "In response to a legal request submitted to Google, we have removed 2 result(s) from this page. If you wish, you may read more about the request at ChillingEffects.org."

My 5 stars are for the fact that searching for "chris-chan" produces the above notice, resulting in a complaint from an organization that looks for kiddie porn.



All that because of a pickle?
This comic was made at some point after people found out they could annoy Chris-chan by drawing "fan art" of the girl hedgehog as a dickgirl. Apparently, Chris insisted on calling it a "pickle" instead of "dick" - and he said it a lot during his freakout out over dickgirl Rosechu.

Is it wrong that I'm kind of disappointed they censored RoseChu's nakedness? Seeing Chris-Chan's idea (and execution) of ladyparts seems like it would be entertaining in itself.
i for one am glad they did. i dont sleep much as it is now.

Five stars for Chris Chan actually not being wrong about the lives and motivations of Internet trolls.
Sudan no1
yeah, that impressed me too.

Go. Go and play with your pickle!
Wait, so the troll is a jerk who keeps his girlfriend on a leash, while Sonichu and Rosachu have the perfect harmonious relationship (wherein she stands behind him the whole time), yet when she decides to show some power it's the troll who gets vagina in his face.

I think Chris-Chan is trying to tell us what he really thinks about dating: that it's not fair that "jerks" get all the electrified pussy but he gets none.
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