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Desc:Is that a dildo in her hand?
Category:Classic TV Clips, Pets & Animals
Tags:dildo, laurie, alcohol, intervention
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Comment count is 22
Gets suddenly and deliciously good at about 4:40, then only gets better
you're right 4:40 onwards is like a tour of Willy Wonka's Anesthesia Factory

where's that sexy stripper sister work before she dies or quits?
I dunno, I get the feeling lil' bro is the problem in this family.
Robert DeNegro
What we need to do, here, is intervene and get Laurie to swap addictions with Jessie. THEN, we kill Laurie. Now, we got us a party!
Wiping tears with a Subway napkin. I've been there.

Little brother is obviously attention starved. "...killing MY parents..." He's going to be a serial killer.
i always seem to sob into burger king napkins myself.

'Tater, how can you cry in a place that abounds with Stackers?

so she takes pain, and kills for a living?
In part 2, it is revealed that she worked as a psychologist on death row...so in a way, yes.

Doctor Arcane
I'm not pretty enough to be on Intervention. :(
Too bad all that puking makes her body so damn hot...its all very conflicting...

And who cares about the other chick in this video? I wish she would hurry up and die and stop taking all of Jessie's screen time.

Hugo Gorilla
A dingy bulimic stripper girl moves in with a highly medicated Susan Boyle. The new sitcom coming this fall! Only CBS!
Id pay to see that.

Lost it at around 6:00 when she almost spills her drink and then stares into the cup like it's some sort of alien invention.
.. I did not see any dildos in any hands. Can someone please supply a time?
I assume they were referring to the dog.

Frank Rizzo
Jesus, I was skipping around and got to 5:52 and I thought her giant orange cup was a giant prescription pill bottle.

I laughed really damn hard.
My parents can't find out where I work. I'm just SO glad they don't know you're filming this. OMG you're right they're in it, um, when is this going to air - I REALLY need to know so I can make sure my parents don't see it.

So she's a hot stripper who spends all her money on food instead of drugs.

.. sorry, I don't see the problem here.
It would appear that redheads do it better.
I'd pay her rent if after every meal she used my cock to make herself gag.
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