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Desc:MSNBC's only conservative commentator denounces Glenn Beck.
Category:News & Politics
Tags:racism, glenn beck, Joe Scarborough, conservative honor roll
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Comment count is 16
Scarborough is repeating what Chris Matthews said the other day, in effect saying if something happens to the President conservative heads are going to roll, people will pay for it.

And what does that person in the green do on the show, other than try to talk so Joe can talk over her?
Scrotum H. Vainglorious
She's lucky to be there like Goose.

She's the daughter of Zbigniew Brzezinski. Carter and Obama's national security advisor. That's the only reason she gets to be on the TV.

Plus she's not bad to look at.

I know who Zbigniew Brzezinski is, thank you :)

Tuan Jim
Glenn Beck doesn't like Teddy Roosevelt.

Glenn Beck is a terrible person.

Yeah, what the fuck?

What was the anchorwoman's deal, exactly?
I think she makes it clear at 3:30. She does not want to feed the troll.

wtf japan
Good news.
Caminante Nocturno
At 2:34, Was I supposed to turn away from the monitor with a melancholic smile on my face and walk off into the distance?

Because that's exactly what I did.
I turned and stared at the wall pensively while the camera circled me slowly before settling on a view of me in profile in front of an open window.

Dinkin Flicka
It says on Glenn Beck's wiki page that he'll be on the cover of Time magazine on September 28th, 2009. That is 5 days from now. Be on the lookout!
Glenn Beck will learn the hard way that you do what you are fucking told or you get the boot from Fox. These are your people Glenn. They will turn on you in a second.
Scrotum H. Vainglorious
And when they do he'll probably eat a gun.

So was he only joking about all the rapes and murders he has commited?
consequences? do those pay me? no? who cares!
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