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Desc:An 83 minute class lecture.
Category:Religious, Educational
Tags:Evolution, religion, schizophrenia, ocd, temporal lobe epilepsy
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engrish muffin
This was amazing. I listened to the whole thing in one go, and I have already been to two 90 minute lecture classes today.
This is great so far. It's too bad that 95% of lectures I heard in my life as a student were... not like this.
I'm sure 95% of lectures at Stanford are also not up to this standard. Lectures by very bright people on subjects dear to them are a sight to behold.

My favorite lecturer, ever, was a physics 102 taught at a commuter college somewhere in the second 100 of US rankings. The professor came in spotless, and left covered in chalkdust, every day.

I think I've got a heterosexual gay crush on this guy now.
First time I came into contact with this guy's research, life started making a whole lot more sense.
Ow, the evidence and facts
Yeah anthropology has been onto this for a long time but it's great to see it from a biological perspective.
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