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Desc:People don't respect me because I have bad teeth.
Category:Horror, Educational
Tags:ugly people, dental plan, butthurt, spikebravo
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Comment count is 11
socialist_hentai - 2009-09-26
as a guy with bad teeth that can't afford dentists i have only one tip for ya spike. Move to estern europe, we have alot in common.
On a side note: no one listens to you cos you're a jackass, not cos you have bad teeth.
On another side note: Good luck ever getting laid!
EskimoSpy - 2009-09-26
Five for terror teeth, but what made me turn off the video halfway through wasn't his mouth so much as having to listen to him talk.
splatterbabble - 2009-09-26

Slumgullion - 2009-09-26
Jesus. Spikebravo's poor.
Keefu - 2009-09-26
That's not how you follow Randian philosophy.

wtf japan - 2009-09-26
Well, he's certainly as UGLY as Socrates.
memedumpster - 2009-09-26
Go to a dentistry school, they offer mad discounts on drill and fill. At least they do here in the Good Ol' 37th.
Pillager - 2009-09-26
He's truly a troll's troll.

OxygenThief - 2009-09-26
Tags: sexy kissing eliza dushku megan fox hillary duff naughty bad teeth bite
Modern Angel - 2009-09-26
I honest to god don't know how you get teeth that bad. I haven't had dental insurance in a good while and my teeth are fine. Someone help me... he doesn't brush, does he?
libby1217 - 2009-09-26
bravo for you-stand up for yourself-i haven't seen your videos or comments until now but i can imagine the input. KEEP BEING YOU!
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