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Desc:from Wizard People
Category:Classic Movies, Humor
Tags:Snake, brad neely, harry potter, wizard people, staring contest
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Comment count is 17
My personal favorite moment of Wizard People.
lieutenant halfabeef
I will feel her blood on my hands...TONIGHT!
Innocent Bystander
Well... we fucking go to school here!

-1 star because the entire thing is here already.
Man Who Fights Like Woman
You WILL be schooled here.

I love these lines.

Unmerciful Crushing Force
I still don't fucking get what the whole purpose intent or reason to exist of this thing is. Someone explain to me please.
Once upon a time, at a bar. Brad Neely was drinking beer while "Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone" played on the television. The volume was turned down, so to amuse himself and his friends, Mr. Neely began doing commentary in that particular voice. It was so much fun he decided to do the whole movie and give it to the world. Most liked it, the end.

The reason it exists is the same reason MST3K exists. The right people "get it".

Lots of people don't get MST3K, either.

Basically what it comes down is that your bemusement is wasted. Why do flowers exist? Why do rainbows exist? What's the PURPOSE of making a wish on a shooting star, or the laughter of a baby?

Now, is that the laughter of a real baby, or a fake, dancing, CGI one?

Rainbows exist because one day Brad Neely was sitting in a bar and he saw an M&M commercial, and he thought "wow, M&M's sure have a lot of colors. I wonder what would happen if you took ALL the colors, ever, and glued them together, in the sky."

So he did.

You guys can fight over these stars.

Midnight Man
it's funny you fucking idiot

you can't explain joy!

makes me sad that Brad Neely seems to have fallen off the face of the internet the past couple of years
This is hardly MST3K. More like YouTube.
more like reamedchumper

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