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Desc:Girl who sings twilight songs destroys a Tears For Fears song
Category:Horror, Humor
Tags:unrealistic expectations, terrible singing, talent only a mother could love
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Comment count is 24
A "rejected from art class" tag would fit well here.
This is the only video I can think of where the submitter name should also be a tag.
Sweet jeezum crow the horrible "dancing", the flat, off-key singing, the scenes with the totally uninterested kids in the foreground, the mouth wipe at :32, the faces she makes while singing

This is magically horrible
With that face, mine would have fit just as well. Excuse my vanity.

I'd punch it
Oh good lord.

She really needs to get together with those 'Worst Final Countdown' guys.
Check out her other work. Its magical!
I'm not that impressed, it's just a voiceover while she chews oats.
Frank Rizzo
tears for fears did this song?
don't listen to them, it was written for donnie darko

Yeah, the original is a way more upbeat, synthpop tune by Tears for Fears.

This, on the other hand, is...... this...

"The Hurting" was a delightful platter of extreme angst, but all wrapped up in synthesizers. I love Tears for Fears.

DootdootDOOT dootDOOT
DootdootDOOT dootDOOT
DootdootDOOT dootDOOT
DootdootDOOT dootDOOT
Gary Jules made a deadly mistake when he left that part out. He might have at least gotten the charismatic emos then.

I made it 24 seconds in, what do I win besides regret?
This video haunting your memory until you die a miserable, meaningless death.

Gary Jules's otherwise really good cover of this has basically ruined an entire one of Tears for Fears's great songs. They only have a few, for fuck's sake!
I've posted like five comments on this video now, and sure as hell ain't because of my attraction for this face or the bus that backed into it.
"A few?!" You take that shit back. Maybe it is fucking true, but you don't fucking say it.

Gary Jules did a cover of this?
I find it hard to believe you've heard of Gary Jules and not the song for which he is overwhelmingly most known for.

I think it was in response to "tears for fears did this song?"

-1 for no gratuitous use of autotune.
What could she do the song that 'Gears of War' couldn--OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWD!
Testicles of Doom
I've heard a thousand terrible covers of this song, and this is the worst.
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