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Desc:This man is winning support on an internet version of Britain's Got Talent.
Category:Fashion, Educational
Tags:UK, X Factor, britain, Behrouz Ghaemi, what the fucking fuck
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Comment count is 27
Maybe british people love to troll themselves?
Big Beef Burritos Supreme
Something like that.

The only person who takes this show seriously is Simon Cowell and people like to see him upset.

Pretty much. Also I love this guy, he should form a group with that guy who can sing like a 5 year old with no balls from Britain's Got Talent.

He looks like a young Henry Rollins trying to do a Freddie Mercury thing.
Killer Joe
If Prince turned into MJ then fell down the stairs, maybe.
Who are those two female judges? they are both highly bangable.
Man Who Fights Like Woman
Probably foreigners, then.

Big Beef Burritos Supreme
That's called too much makeup, bro.

OOOH! I know who one of them is! She was on Doctor Who! She's in the episode about the She's a musician from the 80's. I think she posed for Playboy a few years ago. Kylie Minogue! Thank you wikipedia! I have no idea who the other is as she's not been on Doctor Who yet.

Danni Minogue

Danni is the only reason I pretend to watch this bullshit with my wife. Corr blimey guvna!

Both of the Minogues are enormous babes.

William Burns
Is this some British-4-Chan vote-rigging thing?
Syd Midnight
Really ugly people with tons of singing talent, I can handle. But this is a straight up pisstake. Jesus Christ.
his singing is better/more entertaining than the usual generic dreck on these shows.

That guy
this is the effect you get when "good" singing becomes so completely ossified and reproducible that a total amateur of questionable intent is more interesting

I've heard worse.
Why is Simon Cowell always fucking there?
I think he patented talent shows or something.

The show doesn't work without him. No one gives a flying fuck about the actual "talent", they just want to see him go bug-eyed, tell people they are shit and argue with Louis Walsh.

Good mic technique AND hilarious? 5 stars!
He did his duty for queen and country.
The Townleybomb
This is what I seem to like as well.
It's sort of like a male Bjork covering Prince.
what the fucking FUCK man

stars for tags
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