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Desc:The Borgias, organized crime, Mussolini and this: behold Italy's sins
Category:Classic Movies, Religious
Tags:roberto benigni, bad movies, Pinocchio, ABOMINATION
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Comment count is 13
wtf italy
It's like this everyday in Italy. More so in the South.
Dinkin Flicka
For some reason, your comment makes me want to splice this movie with Gomorra just to see what it comes out as.

He used the clout he got by winning an Oscar to ensure this movie got made the way he wanted
This movie earns its 0% on rotten tomatoes
Completely resets the scale for BAD.
I never thought Clifford would be surpassed in the unwatchable spectacle of a middle aged man playing a small boy department.
Rodents of Unusual Size
5 stars...for pure unwatchable horror.

This totally needs a "what hell looks like" tag.
His conscience looks blue-screened!
Thank goodness for the Disney verison and the one with Martin Landau.

Wasn't that animated Titanic film from Italy as well?
Rum Revenge
Was that Pleasure Island? It looked pretty... innocuous. It's like watching a film version of Dante's Inferno where Hell is an uncomfortably warm room where bored people sit around all day with slightly annoyed horned beasts.

And somehow, I was actually rooting for Jiminy Cricket to get squashed (is there an Insect category for the Darwin Awards?), yet at the same time I really didn't care at all.
Yep, nothing but grown men wrasslin' and playing carnival games all day. I'm not sure if the fact that they're all supposed to be little kids makes it *more* or *less* creeptastic.

Rifftrax should look into this.
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