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Desc:Cartoon Network pilot
Category:Cartoons & Animation, Humor
Tags:baby, Cartoon Network, video games, alien, danger planet
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Rodents of Unusual Size
I love this.
The Forklift robot is my new hero
Did you people watch the same thing I did? Because what I saw was Ctrl-Alt-Delete humour in cartoon form except not as the Ctrl-Alt-Delete cartoon.
did you not see the shape-shifting baby eating alien?

I once tried reading CtrlAltDel. You may not like this cartoon, but this is NOT CtrlAltDel humour.

Maybe what you really saw was your own crippling inadequacies. Maybe YOU are the one who's like Ctrl-Alt-Delete.

You're certainly dumb enough.

Caminante Nocturno
You see some form of humor in Ctrl-Alt-Delete?

i must've missed the part where the rescue lady had a miscarriage

Binro the Heretic
Yay for Dana Snyder!
Hurry. Baby needs warm.
Rum Revenge
You had me at robots.
Minus one star for not being Cartoon Planet.
You had better TAKE the BABY INside.

"to the warm"

Better than most CN stuff, but not memorable.
Caminante Nocturno
I am offended by this cartoon's depiction of baby-eating aliens.
j lzrd / swift idiot
This reminds me of something else. I can't shake the feeling.
I'm pretty sure the arcade game is voiced by Dana Snyder (best known as Master Shake), and the humor seems along the lines of Aqua Teen Hunger Force on a good day.

Spit Spingola
The world needs more good space cartoons with alien monsters. Well drawn ones like these.
punch drunk babies
Was that the voice of Master Shake? I'm sold. Not cause of the voice thing, though it was well done, but just cause this is good stuff
Wow, planned obsolescence is a bitch!
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