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vissarion - 2009-10-10

Colecovision fight!

poetry publishing guide - 2009-10-10

I used to regularly read a kung fu films forum on which so many of the hardcore fans/collectors who posted there would regularly grouse about films of this ilk (e.g., see also Battle Wizard, which I think turned up on here recently).

I never understood why they had such beef with the fun, goofy-ass aspects of some of these flicks.

Anyhow, there's not much Shaw Brothers non-opera stuff that I don't dig. Don't even get me started on Hong Kong Playboys, in which Alexander Fu Sheng blasts around town in a Lamborghini. Eighties fucking gold.

Hooper_X - 2009-10-10

This is a classic fanboy gripe. If something isn't EXACTLY LIKE THE ONES YOU LIKED AS A KID then it fucking sucks.

poorwill - 2009-10-10

It's a rule: The hardest of the hardcore fanboys actually always have terrible taste in whatever they specialise in. This applies to everything - comics, animu, genre fiction, genre music, videogames, cars, computers etc. etc. They at useless at everything, even fandom.

Riskbreaker - 2009-10-10

The funny thing is that Hong Kong was producing this kind of wuxia flicks since the early 60s, same magic rays and everything. Fantastic and over-the-top flicks have always beeing something common in Hong Kong cinema. Wuxia "serious" nerds are indeed, like any other "serious hardcore" fandom, a bunch of boring silly people with no actual connection with the media they love, just in love with this image they build themselves of being know-it all douches.

boner - 2009-10-10

Nityananda of Ganeshpuri could kick all their retarded dog shit asses.

Hooper_X - 2009-10-10

"You never could beat me, Egg Shen."

Jeriko-1 - 2009-10-10

Shades of Anakin.

Hmm, Lucas would NEVER lift his ideas from other source material!

fluffy - 2009-10-10

Is their power level over 9000?

memedumpster - 2009-10-11

"Oh, hey, I have a real sword!"


Riskbreaker - 2009-10-11

A bit of context: that guy betrayed the guy that he stabbed.

chaos owl - 2009-10-11

Battle Wizard is indeed up on poetv.

Good job here by the way. I haven't actually seen this one (my Shaw-fu is weak).

Riskbreaker - 2009-10-12

You should, there's a flying dragon pet, more magic ray battles, it has Lo Lieh, Kara Hui and a bunch of more crazy rad stuff.

Squeamish - 2010-01-26

I am so buying every Shaw Brothers movie I can get my hands on from now on.

This is what I imagine Incredible Drugs must be like.

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