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Desc:A Whole New Chapter Of Crazy Begins...
Category:Crime, Humor
Tags:NWO, TFL, bill122460, tinfoil hat, david mayer de rothschild
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Comment count is 8
The Townleybomb
Shut up already, Mr. Lahey.
dora's cough
TFL Bill: he is the liquor.

The Rothschilds assumed they had control over the entire globe until.....

"That account was a major portion of your life".
Caminante Nocturno
The dog poster has been replaced by a tiger poster.

Everything we thought we knew about TFL Bill has been thrown into complete disarray.
This is the franchise reboot. TFL Bill enters a new, grittier and darker phase where his motivations and maybe sexuality (or lack of) are questioned.

The end result: He is the demons!

-1 for the wrong fuzzy poster in the background. The tiger is not a substitute for the cocker spaniel.
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