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Desc:Lots of DiCaprio stock-footage plus badass editing equals this.
Category:Trailers, Humor
Tags:Titanic, Trailer, Fake, DiCaprio
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Comment count is 15
Wow people have too much time on their hands
Jimmy Labatt
A dupe, but I laugh my ass off at this every time
Herr Matthias
Not too bad once you realize it's not another damn "Brokeback Mountain" parody
Didn't pay to see the first one... But I'd pay to see this...
Meatsack Jones
I still love the part where he is watching the musical.
Unquestionably and inarguably AMAZING.
Jesus Limping Christ.
I think that someone needs to make this movie.
Doesn't really get good until the very end.
Your edit-fu is strong, Grasshopper.
j lzrd / swift idiot
Ideas for the screenplay (in case anybody ever gets bored enough to do one):

- Jack could be hiding out with the prostitute/stripper to escape the police- it also alludes to the fact he hung out with hookers in his first 'life'.

- The Frozen Man of the Titanic' thing could be part of a dream sequence.

- Shooting the gun- um, errr...

Actually, the sign clearly said "FOZEN MAN."

Man Who Fights Like Woman
In an unfamiliar town and in the future.
Calamity Jon
And I know that my hot dogs go on!!!!
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