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Desc:The classic old 'You just watched you're close friends die' bit.
Category:General Station, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:Japan, Sniper attack, Faces in tiny boxes
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Comment count is 22
I'm just surprised none of the involuntarily evacuated.
I could literally watch this all day.

Also, was the third guy fucking retarded, or just the calmest motherfucker on earth?
I wouldn't mess with number 3.

Time Travel Mishap
I love number 3. Looks like he just wanted to say "huh....you were all shot. Sucks to be you."

No, iI think number 3's reaction was more along the lines of, "Waaaait a minute. This isn't at ALL what it looked like when I shot those guys back in '98."

This is the most beautifully mean spirited thing I've ever seen.
Panic face!
wow...this followed by the "you've got aids" gag or "I'll shoot myself if you don't eat all of those eggrolls now gag"
The Japanese really take this bullshit to levels that would make the hardest, most grizzled prankster weep. And thank god SOMEBODY is exploring that frontier.
This is

Not Funny
wtf japan
You're right. It's fucking hilarious.

I salute this people.
Oh Japan.
Freeman Gordon
The Japanese content on poetv truly raises the overall satisfaction.
The Lord of Dirt
With the way the Japanese love to torment each other all the time I'm surprised they all aren't like number three.
This is how they will win the Prank Wars of 2099.

Time Travel Mishap
You son of a bitch you have been playing in my time machine again.

Caminante Nocturno
Japan is the only industrialized nation where you could get away with this sort of thing. It's not like they don't have lawyers, either.
Next week we trap contestants in a burning building and barricade all the fire exits!
The face in the box at 4:53?!?!
Is that Beat Takeshi at the end?
I fucked up, current resubmit is the full video.
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