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Desc:CNN gets skewered for, among other things...sorry, I'm gonna have to leave it there.
Category:News & Politics, Humor
Tags:Jon Stewart, CNN, Daily Show, fact-checking SNL
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Comment count is 15
American Network News, we laugh at it because the alternative is hopelessness and despair.
To be fair, there was probably no other way people could have seen that... youtube video
CNN is now so terrified of taking a stand on anything that I'm surprised they even had the balls to fact-check SNL.

Well, except Lou Dobbs. They'll defend his racist horseshit to hell and back.
They don't defend it, they more just pretend it didn't happen.

Like when Uncle Paul McFinger lets rip at the dining room table during Easter Dinner and everyone just pretends not to notice.

Not to mention Glenn Beck and Nancy Grace both started at CNN. I wonder if Fox News' 'quality hyper-partisanship' is actually more demanding than CNN's 'complete lack of quality'.

It takes more effort to pretend insane people and/or liars are making good points than it is to be those people.

Having problems seeing it from PoeTV, but that usually happens when these are first submitted.

Every major network can be made fun of. But at least partisan networks have an excuse for not telling the truth. CNN's failure seem to be primarily based on cowardice.

It is my opinion that every american who cares about journalsim needs to see this. (especially those who work at CNN.)
one of these is not like the other

mutually exclusive

The Daily Show: Guardians of journalistic integrity
I'm pretty sure Stewart, despite saying the contrary on hs show many times, actually does think of himself as a kind of ombudsman for the major networks news channels.

Link for Canadians: http://watch.ctv.ca/the-daily-show-with-jon-stewart/episodes/the-d aily-show-with-jon-stewart---october-12-2009/#clip223145
muchos gracias senor

Oh yeah, Stewart go ahead and pick on your easy targets. Look, reality has a "don't make shit up" bias. The news has to be unbiased. That means showing both arguments...the one that's relevant and factual, and the one where shit is made up. Don't you see that?
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