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Desc:Lives in Mongolia, smokes a carton of cigarettes a day, meets World's Tallest Man
Tags:China, shortest man
Submitted:infinite zest
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Comment count is 16
5 cause his name is he pingping and cause a carton a day since he was seven has somehow had no visible effect on him
Those things'll stunt your growth, man.

You have to be such a dick to introduce the worlds shortest man to the worlds tallest.
Judging from his confident gait, sharp attire and the way he smokes his cigarettes I can only believe this man is a high-ranking member of some sort of crime syndicate.

I'm now getting images of a two-foot tall alien ganglord who controls the spice trade from here to KalKlehk VI. He runs his operation from a small, unassuming restaurant on Jupiter's moon Ganymede. He serves only the finest dishes of traditional Jovian cuisine; Fried air-squid sautéed in a zesty frond sauce, sliced Wumba fruit served in a red wine sauce, zesty fig-lizard with noodles and the ever popular Ahk-Med; a bowl of Gorbagogian frogomanders which have been fed a special diet of of wines and spices, served live.

Many think Mr. Ping Ping to be nothing more than a harmless restaurant owner, however the spice smugglers and local rum-runners know he is far more imposing than his stature lets on. The man is constantly flanked by the biggest and toughest hired thugs money can buy: Whip-Snappers from planet Beleres VIII, Spider-Faces from Dagon-Rha, even the deadly Mandrids of Barbados XII.

Even without his hired Muscle, Mr. Ping Ping is still not a man to be crossed: He is an expert marksman and has no problem taking care of "business" on his own. Rumors abound that the meat used in his restaurant comes from some rather "unusual" sources.

What were we talking about again?
Did you fall asleep watching Space Precinct again?

Oh PingPing, why weren't you a Cowboy Bebop villain?

Good job, now you have a hit out on ya.

First Weng Weng, now Ping Ping. Is it a rule that all people with whatever causes this need to only have one name, ending in "ng", that is used twice?
Next, Dong Dong

Didn't he star as Marlon Brando's pet critter-man in 'The Island of Dr. Moreau?'

He could've been a great spy or pedophile. He can hide easily as a teddy bear or a doll.
Dr Dim
What a dapper, self possessed little character. Enjoy your cigarettes, Mr He.
"Oh man, that's a mighty big steering wheel."

-Tiny Elvis
5 stars for the two-handed lighter
Scrotum H. Vainglorious
I would like to buy him.
Aubrey McFate
That smoke you like is going to come back in style.
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