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Category:Arts, Pets & Animals
Tags:butt, hipsters, Caroline
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Comment count is 22
you want to get sued by tim & eric? huh? is that what you want? because that's what you're going to get, honey.
Are the 90's going to, in turn, sue Tim & Eric? Or are all of their fans under twenty years old and don't realize that shit like this actually existed in a non-ironic universe?

that's pretty much why grunge happened, because everything else was too goddamn weird, so my entire generation was like "fuck that I'll just wear flannel and lay low for a while"


no. that's not what happened at all. fucking christ.
it pisses me off that you think that. fuck.

and it disappoints me that you think i'm being serious

This was better when it was done by Samwell, and when it was not so "look at me, I can ironically play the system."
Doctor Arcane
I agree. Doctor Arcane recommends instead of this product: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fbGkxcY7YFU

So, can someone tell me why we should care about this drag-queen's bottom?
Adham Nu'man
Robert DeNegro
Glad to see Alison the Intervention huffer doing something with her life.
She was way hotter. This chick's face is some Picasso shit.

Caroline has aristocratic Mediterranean features. I can vision her playing Drusilla in a Caligula remake.

wtf japan
Are you kidding? She looks like Anne Frank all growed up.

James Woods
Great Job!
Very well 20-year-old Rexella Van Impe, I shall eat your butt if you eat mine.
Like it or not, MY BUTT OFFICIAL VID is the anthem of a generation.
La Loco
I'm very dissapointed there are no ass shots in this music video.
Rum Revenge
Thanks for saving me the trouble of watching the second half - didn't feel like going past that.

I dunno whether or not this counts as evil, so just three stars.

Glenn or Glennda
I think that's the joke.

I was really caught off guard by the alien spacecraft and machine gun scene in the last bit. Also, spitting cobras, really?
Still sexy.
I wish I had a dick so I could cock slap her.
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