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Tags:Dress Code, Putting the e in poetv, people with no business working near children
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Comment count is 30
5 for adding Face Down Take Down to my vocab, heck why not use the acronym? "Then he like FDTD'd that dude"
Face Down Take Down should really be a tag. Sadly Anonymous never edits his tags. Someone should really put him in a Face Down Take Down.

It certainly fits his MO once you read that the officer is actually an insane murder and rapist
Beaten by the poelice
This horror was reported by the GREAT SAVINI.
Here we go again! *yakety sax plays*
crystalsky84 (53 minutes ago) Show Hide

Ok I can't stand cops, most are arrogant jerks. But, nowhere do I see this kid tucking his shirt in as he claims. And, does this school have a dress code? I see kids all the time who dress like this and they have attitudes, trying to be cool. It wouldn't surprise me if he mouthed off and the cop let him have it.

YouTube commenters sure are depressingly predictable.
Unless that kid was carrying a knife or something like that i see no reason for that "cop" to act that way.

No. What is depressing is that this cop will probably not face any justice. Maybe he'll get a stiff talking to, or two weeks paid suspension, where he should be doing 2-5 years.

He's already in jail for rape.

Even if the kid DID have a knife, what he did is bullshit. Getting into a fight with someone gives them the chance to fight back, possibly pulling a hidden weapon or stealing one of the cops weapons, god forbid. The only reason a cop should ever lay a hand on someone violently is to subdue them and cuff them making them much less of a threat.

Some americans are really hankering for a police state, it's fucking insane, there really should be a north-Korean citizen exchange program for people like that.

Doesn't look like he's in jail here

How in the fuck do you work with special need kids and not understand that there are some things they will genuinely forget every single day?

Also, pick your battles douchebag!! I'm still trying to get a kid with Downs Syndrome to stop putting his dirty fingers in my eye. As long as the shirt (and other articles of clothing) stays on the kid, you're pretty much golden.
engrish muffin
A special nee... oh he's black. His untucked shirt was just begging for him to get FDTD'd.
Shot his ex-wife's husband in front of their kids. 24 times.

Police considered it self-defense, he was not charged.
Magical Man from Happy-Land
are you fucking kidding me

Link in the description tells the tale, there was that shooting and right now he is in jail on an unrelated rape at knife point charge

The police have taught me that anyone who wants power should never, under any circumstance, be given it. They make the will to power look like a very dangerous mental illness. Like the uniform itself is its own form of registering violent psychotics and making sure all around them know it.
PoE is becoming the Portal of Police Brutality.
We need an all encompassing LOLCop tag for police brutality videos.



POETV's Alpha Dog of the Week
The preload actually somehow led me to believe that this was a news story about a freakout over losing a videogame. I got so much more than I asked for...
How did I miss that his name is Christopher Lloyd?
Be honest, if you had a time machine you'd probably rape a few chicks and beat up a retard or two just for kicks. I mean you'd go back and undo it but who could pass up the experience.

j lzrd / swift idiot
Steadily equating "Police Officer" with "Terrorist" over here.
Guess you'll tug in your shirt next time.
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