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Desc:Wow, you look so sexy Lisa! 'Yeah, she really nails the bloated-corpse-of-Britney-Spears look.'
Category:Classic Movies, Humor
Tags:rifftrax, The Room, Tommy Wiseau, oh hi
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Caminante Nocturno
Netflix tells me that I have to wait for this movie.
Sick Man
apparently you can own it for about ten bucks

Rum Revenge
My first five stars to Kevin Murphy's singing. A million spiritual stars for the rest, and also for inspiring me to finally watch a movie I have heard so much about!
Johnny is continuously being betrayed.

Oh, hi gun barewwwwl...
Seeing this in the queue finally motivated me into watching this thing tonight.

I was a goddamned fool to wait this long.
The funny/sad thing is how the director of this says he was actually aiming for a comedy, when it's quite clear that it was not the case.
punch drunk babies
Oh man, I forgot I couldn't make it through the entire movie, I had no idea how it ended til now
i've never seen this movie

You are made of bullshit.A flaming 10 foot high pile of bullshit shooting spiked dildos out of it like firework rockets and AIDS just leaking out of fingernails.

Funny story, I was at the San Diego Comic Con this year, just milling about, when some random woman grabbed my arm and asked if I'd like to buy a DVD. Wary, I asked her which DVD, and she produced a copy of The Room. Oddly, the first time I'd watched The Room was earlier that week, when I'd put the Rifftrax version on my iPod. Her next line clinched it, though. "It's only ten dollars," she said, "and Tommy will be here to sign it in a few minutes".

So, yeah, I have a signed copy of The Room. He's much scarier in person, believe it or not.
If Tommy Wiseau had actually killed himself, I think it would've been worth it.
But... we wouldn't have had a brilliant episode of Tim and Eric out of it.

"I did naht hit hur, et's naht true, it's BOOLSHIT, I did naht hit her, I did naht.

"Oh, hi, Mark!"

They've gotten a bit more long-winded.

still, the room
No longer available do to a claim by Wiseau films.

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