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Desc:soon to be followed by robotic Furry 'mood cock'
Category:Science & Technology, Horror
Tags:furry, wtf, yiff, tail, mood
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Comment count is 12
Furries + Nerds = Furds.
i just....dont know...

you know, i could use a wii. for like playing instead of this. he should give his to me and stop modding for things like this.
shit.. I wish I had marketed this.

you could charge anything for this and it would still sell

I wonder how a fursuit will look ten years from now...
j lzrd / swift idiot
The money aspect is key here. I am happy that this technology is going to exploit wallets.

Teased Vagina
*moves paw towards mood tail*
Eh. It looks like it weighs about ten pounds and requires you to have a waist to wear it around. The average furry is too fat and too lazy for such a device.
Some are rail skinny and those will gladly wear this thing to have it to show off. The fat ones will find a way.

No, money is the only viable barrier here.

I love the gestures he makes. Like he's not sure whether he's a magician or Fonzi.
Apply opposite emoticons for "cat mode."
Beyonce Knowles
So sad!!
I don't care how retarded this may be, this guy is going to be a millionaire.
I have found a new target for my rage.

Also, am I the only one who thought the sad one should have tucked between his legs... cradling his worthless sack...?
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