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Desc:The Real 'Fantastic Mr. Fox'
Category:Short Films, Trailers
Tags:fox, dead animals, lars von trier, i dont care about Dogma 95 anymore
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Comment count is 19
Art ladies and gentlemen.
I have to see this now.
Willem Dafoe ejaculates blood in this movie and you didn't want to see it until now?

Caminante Nocturno
Foxes cannot talk.
ahahahhahahahh oh shit what the fuck was that?

BEST PART: Related video? Burger & Fries The Angry Cat.
A Willem Dafoe? I had one of those under my bed.
5 stars, oops!

Frank Rizzo
what does he say?

Frank Rizzo
oh its in the title, "chaos reigns"

fucking creepy.

Bobby Peru don't come up for air

That wouldn't have happened if they had let it yiff the otter.
They make satanic animatronic talking fox dolls?!.......I want one!
Didn't we have this clip last week or so. Not voting because I'm not a dupe nazi.

This movie was visually alright for the first two acts, but Jesus, the story and dialogue were utter crap. And I usually dig pretentious crap like this. Hell, I thought 'Color of Pomegranates' was great and that was ALL visual nonsense. Trier, stop dedicating your crap movies to good dead directors like Tarkovski.

In a nutshell, this: http://www.poetv.com/video.php?vid=11973
Michael Houser
I think this was supposed to be the 'in context' version. See, the fox is talking to Willem Dafoe. Dafoe probably gets that shit from the animal kingdom all the time.

that little cartoon was exactly the way to describe this movie, if anyone asks me about it from now on i'll just use that.

manta ray
willem dafoe, he is da foe, fox is da friend, and he is da foe
You deserve a public execution for that and you knew it before you said it.

This fox reminds me of the Tar Man from Return Of The Living Dead and I have no fucking idea why.
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