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Desc:By the guy who did the Carl Sagan autotune song
Category:Educational, Science & Technology
Tags:bill nye, SCIENCE!, carl sagan, Autotune infinity
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Comment count is 29
My God, it's filled with stars.

billions and billions of specks
Though it makes me cringe whenever a person of science uses the vague quantifier "billions" (I guess in my mind a scientist would always give an actual number), I can't rate anything with Richard Feynman and/or Carl Sagan in it any lower than a 5.
"I never said it. Honest. Oh, I said there are maybe 100 billion galaxies and 10 billion trillion stars. It's hard to talk about the Cosmos without using big numbers. I said 'billion' many times on the Cosmos television series, which was seen by a great many people. But I never said 'billions and billions.' For one thing, it's imprecise. How many billions are 'billions and billions'? A few billion? Twenty billion? A hundred billion? 'Billions and billions' is pretty vague... For a while, out of childish pique, I wouldn't utter the phrase, even when asked to. But I've gotten over that. So, for the record, here it goes: 'Billions and billions.' " -carl sagan

really now, when you're talking about the number of stars and galaxies in our universe you've done well to be accurate to within one or two orders of magnitude.

Maybe he was talking about Bill Nye who said it clearly in this video.

Regardless, I like these. Maybe some day everyone will stop being a bunch of stupid cunts.

Astrophysics needs no autotune.

Of course, it doesn't NOT need autotune either, so 100 billion stars (plus or minus 100 billion and five).
Goofy Gorilla
Auto-tune practically is astrophysics, fool. Don't you know where the Fourier transform came from?

This isn't even autotune, this is vocoder. (Which also involves a lot of Fourier transforms.)

For once, I don't mind the anonymous submitter. It makes this seem like a gift from POETV itself. Like finding a present on your doorstep with no name.
Caminante Nocturno
People like Carl Sagan and Bill Nye should have holidays named after them.

They will soon enough. Mark my words.
Well, get to work.

Science is Poetry.
Like, total zen, man. Seriously.
have you HEARD this

(I know only one published scientist, and she claims to have never seen Cosmos. Now that's some bullshit.)
And Then Explosions
That's it, I've gotta subscribe to this guy's channel.

I would buy a whole album of this.
And Then Explosions

This is the start of something awesome. http://www.symphonyofscience.com./

ok is this the same guy that does the autotune news?

I tend to favor this one because of Carl Sagan...billions and billions. awesome!!!

I giving this a five even though it makes Bill Nye look disconcertingly like Ad Rock.
fucking awesome
This is a no-brainer 5 star because at 2:45 I think I heard Feynman playing the bongos and chanting "orange juice."

One of the best documentaries I've ever seen.

engrish muffin
We have traveled this way before, but there is much to be learned.
These things always cheer me up; every time I think the human race is just a day away from total cockroach-infested annihilation, I come across one of these videos and think "well, maybe it's not so bad."
this is amazing
Spider Jerusalem
Lies, lies, LIES!
I hope this person keeps going: these are hymns that speak to me.
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