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Desc:Goldie Hawn speaks to kids inappropriately about sex
Tags:sex, kids, creepy, goldie hawn
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engrish muffin
Actually I found this surprisingly healthy compared to the conversations most kids have today about S-E-X. Not creepy, but a good reminder of the useful part of the 80s.
Caminante Nocturno
Dead-eyed children reciting a script about sex to a woman is healthy to you?

i can be creepy too.
my first wet dream was about goldie hawn after i had watched overboard.
Now I want to have sex with 80's Goldie Hawn. I'd even settle for First Wives Club Goldie Hawn.
Syd Midnight
The girl at :20 is completely right and Ms Hawn is suddenly out of her depth.
Syd Midnight
( forgot to add a joke in about how she's one of the Children of the Damned)

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