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Desc:Apparently it exists.
Category:Humor, Horror
Tags:plastic surgery, xiaxue, froppy rabia, labiaplasty
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Comment count is 15
Still sore they cut out the prominent vag surgery subplot when The Godfather made the transition from book to movie.
Subplot? I must have a different reading than you. That was all I took away from it. I guess some guy named Mickey did a thing in Italy or something?

a flaming monkey
yeah, that 'subplot' was like the whole reason Sonny got killed, because supervaginawoman (I forget her name) needed sex and he was the only man equipped for the job in the universe. I forget everything else about the book, except that the singer guy had warts in his throat and had to get them surgically removed - a common problem amongst entertainers, so I am told - to restore his career. Mario Puzo must have read a lot of cutting edge medical journals in the late sixties.

Who is this Snowfall girl and why does she seem to have a show about vaginas?
Nevermind. Wikipedia knows everything: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xiaxue

Hmm, let me try to put this in a way that won't make you titter like an idiot:

Sometimes the beef curtains get stuck in the vacuum... no, no...
Wizard sleeves are a nuisance on a windy day...


Froppy Rabia needs to become a live tag.

asian ladies get labiaplasties? man, consider me blown away.
Zhou Fang
to straighten em out

wtf japan
Sounds like someone is speaking from experience. Are you mock surprised because Asian labias are abnormally large as a convention, or are you genuinely surprised because Asian vaginas typically display an austere elegance in their construction?

Scrotum H. Vainglorious
Labia weights will do that do ya.
Five stars for one of the most horrible people I've seen on poeTV.

Guess what, there's a magical erection drug too. NO WAI!
Cherry Pop Culture
Do some guys feel a need to have their genitals look "perfect?" Or is this a chick-only thing?

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