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Desc:roaches from hell
Category:Horror, Trailers
Tags:cockroach, bugs, bug, giant cockroaches
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Comment count is 15
You won't live alone, if you live at all, when the BUG comes to your house.

Most awesomely bad tag-line ever.
Muddy Mae Suggins
Those are Madagascar hissing cockroaches. The ones with big bumps are male and the flat ones are female.
Muddy Mae Suggins
On a side note, you cannot be the hero in a movie if your name is "Bradford." You can work at a bank but you can't be the hero.

Rodents of Unusual Size
This is the same guy who was also in Piranha! I'm sensing a theme.

We're gonna need some BIG Roach Motels...and get the brand name ones too, don't buy those house brand ones from the dollar store.
I'd like to mention that I remember this movie.

The roaches spell out "DIE" on a wall at one point.
Robin Kestrel
Yeah, they have some sort of hive mind intelligence. This movie freaked me out when I was young.

Binro the Heretic
This movie freaked me out as a kid when I saw it back in the 1970s. The bugs had two organs on their abdomens that produced electric sparks. The scene that ended up giving me a nightmare was the one where a bug crawls up in a woman's hair and sets her head on fire.

The bugs had super-thick exoskeletons and couldn't be crushed by normal means because their contents were under intense pressure. The antagonist used a knitting needle to pierce one and it exploded.

He cross-bred the bugs with regular cockroaches...which proved to be a bad move.
A William Castle joint. One of his last, if I'm not mistaken.
His very last, if I recall correctly.

The Mothership
If only one could get a blue tooth headset that looked like the roach at 0:58, I would buy it. In a second.
Caminante Nocturno
Especially if it can move like a real roach.

Giving this a five because this movie freaked me out when I was four-years-old watching it on the old Commander USA program.
Caminante Nocturno
This makes a pretty good double-feature with Slugs.
I still have not seen this movie, but I own and have read the book.
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