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Desc:Hipster Fight Yay!
Category:Accidents & Explosions
Tags:fight, stolen, steal, hipster
Submitted:infinite zest
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Time Travel Mishap
Don't steal bikes bro
The more you know
Justis yo.
just goes to show
I'd call it a citizen's arrest, but they weren't nearly violent enough.
...on camera

Rodents of Unusual Size
La Loco
They went easy on him. That's some ny justice.
Reminds me of the Seinfeld Puerto Ricans
Bike messengers aren't "hipsters." They are bike messengers. They get their own group! Some of what people on this website file under various subcultural groups is sort of telling about how often they get out of the house.

Get out of the house!
Agreed. Given that they are likely bike messengers, he got off easy.

I am not a bike messenger...or a bouncer...or a hipster...

I was a bike messenger, I'll speak authoritatively on the subject; there is no prescribed way to deal with bike theft.

I would like to say that stealing a messenger's bike is considered among messengers more than a petty theft, as thief is taking away the messenger's means of earning a living, and often enough, as this case demonstrates, one's punishment reflects this fact.

However, I'm only assuming these are messengers as the camera man says "That's his work bike." The victim could just be a Chinese food delivery guy, *shrug*.


Is this Williamsburg?

No, not hipsters. Hipsters would have just milled around whining about it. Plus everyone knows hipsters only work as barristas and thrift store clerks.

Most people who casually throw around the word "hipsters" have absolutely no idea what a "hipster" is or isn't.

infinite zest
These people are hipsters. You can tell by their use of the word "bro" and American Apparel clothing choices. I stand by my title description.

infinite zest has no idea what a hipster is. Not even a foggy glimmer of a notion of what a hipster is.

hipsters is an amorphous, useless word and can now be used to explain pretty much everyone living in the 21st century


La Loco
The one in the camo pants was a blipster.

I'm too old to be arguing about the various phenotypes of white guys who wear tight striped shirts and throw karate kicks.

Whitey stole my bike.
Colonel Cowlung
Violence appropriately dispensed.
I like this clip.

They knocked him around, then walked the fuck away. The assault was brief and intended to intimidate.


Assuming they didn't park the bike up his ass after the camera was off.
One time i was robbed in NYC and some guy did a flying-superman tackle on the prick. NYC needs more of this
HP Lovesauce
as someone who has had 5 bikes stolen from him this is akin to watching porn.

on a side note i know some messengers who caught a guy trying to steal one of their bikes from front of their afterwork bar. they u-locked his neck to a no parking sign and left him there for hours while patrons hocked loogies on him.
So that's what those locks are really for

The Mothership
That is absolutely sick, and I loved reading it.

Sick Man
Hope that guy is really a bike thief.
Yeah I had my doubts but then he apologizes at the end.

I can't help but think that there's a moral in there somewhere...
spoilers: its don't steal bikes bro

j lzrd / swift idiot
New York City ain't nothin ta fuck with!
stealing bikes :-(
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