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Desc:.99 a dvd. A mighty brand hath fallen.
Category:Arts, Educational
Tags:Disney, baby einstein, I demand a refund, baby geniuses
Submitted:Jack Dalton
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Comment count is 13
This is the sort of thing you see people watching in tv shows.

Just random, unconnected visuals meant to create the illusion of n actual program.
Maybe your kid would be smarter if you fucking read to them yourself instead of letting the goddamned TV be your babysitter.

La Loco
Smart kids sometimes become smart adults and those are dangerous.

I don't understand. Did these DVDs full of bullshit use to be super expensive or something?
Killer Joe
No, but there were millions of them. A friend of my wife swore by them (she had something like 15), but she was also into colloidal silver. It was a head-scratcher moment when the kid waved his arms and the parents were convinced that he was signing 'more', "Just like on the tapes!"
I was crashing on their couch, so I just pleaded with them to research colloidal silver before they put any more of it into their bodies rather than laugh at their stupid baby.

lord, I hope they werent giving the baby silver

They're marketed as a way to make your baby smarter but studies have found that they are correlated with delayed language development. Bad parenting is evil.

Hey, suddenly I understand logarithms!
Bitter with a side of Rice
Fun fact: a study found that children that watched this shit before the age of two actually had their development significantly retarded.

I can't imagine why.
Herr Matthias
I find the imagery at 0:39 a little too suggestive for a children's program.
Einstein didn't talk until he was 5 right?
Wow, so I heard about the research that these videos actually delay development for various reasons.

But it's a whole other experience now that I know they're basically Meatwad's TV shows from Aqua Teen Hunger Force, only with SPANISH! Jesus Christ, people. Forcing babies to watch soap operas would be more educational than this.
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