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Desc:Ron Paul comment from April saying H1N1 ain't gonna be no big deal. RON PAUL RON PAUL RON PAUL
Category:News & Politics, Horror
Tags:ron paul, paultards, Swine Flu, H1N1, Gross Underestimation
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Comment count is 29
humbert_humbert - 2009-10-29
That's one crazy mo fo. Vaccines kill more people than they save! Abolish the IRS! Measure thetans daily to achieve OT VII!
HarrietTubmanPI - 2009-10-29

I would love to see the logical wheels go asunder when libertarians who claim they are rational follow a man who (as a doctor) follows instinct over medical research.
Riskbreaker - 2009-10-29
Libertarians are just conspiracy theorists/conservatives who read a couple of books beyond the tv guide.

HarrietTubmanPI - 2009-10-30
Makes sense to me from the one's I've met.

FABIO - 2009-10-30
They're more people who think ad hoc tribal village government can work in societies larger than...tribal villages.

fractured - 2009-10-30
Vaccines are something that we don't generally need and I am all for this conversation. Swine flu ain't no big deal.
SteamPoweredKleenex - 2009-10-30
Polio, measles, whooping cough, and hepatitis would like to have a word with you. I'd like them to have a word with you, in fact, along with Jenny McCarthy and Bill Maher.

RockBolt - 2009-10-30

fractured - 2009-10-30
Now if I can direct your attention to the word "generally"... "Generally" as in we don't generally need these flu vaccines that are being sensationally pushed in the media.

pastorofmuppets - 2009-10-30
I'm not sure which media you mean, since the US media has definitely been asking if the vaccines are safe over and over in between talking about kids in mylar UFOs, and would in fact have you believe that they were worse than the disease if that scared you into watching more 24 hour "news." They don't bother to quote success rates, they don't acknowledge that flu vaccines weren't invented last week and that there is nothing special about this one other than the strain. They just sit there and ask "is it safe" because at worst they'll get called out for being too "objective." They'd have you believe that it *is* a big deal, but at least they aren't acting like this fucker, who doesn't want to see people get vaccinated *on principle*.

dead_cat - 2009-10-30
Just because the many Americans who die every year from the REGULAR flu don't seem to warrant news coverage doesn't mean it isn't a big deal. And it doesn't mean that the annual vaccine is pointless.

And just why is it that you think vaccines are "generally" unneeded? Is it because decades of vaccination programs in the major industrial nations brought most of the old, terrifying infectious diseases of your parents and grandparents to their knees?
Funny thing, just because they aren't a big problem in our own countries anymore doesn't mean they aren't around anymore. Some of the old monsters are coming back to us, sometimes in the form of new, resistant strains -- and sometimes just because privileged idiots have decided that vaccines are generally pointless and never bothered to get them*, or, worse, have decided getting vaccinated might be more harmful than talking their families and friends into becoming willing potential vectors for devastating illnesses.
It is only the fact that most of the population continues to be vaccinated, and keeps its immunity, that keeps things like TB, Polio, rabies, & etc from once more becoming the problems they used to be.

pastorofmuppets - 2009-10-30
I think we are forgetting that fractured (a) is invincible and (b) doesn't give a shit about herd immunity, which affects us those of us with grandmas.

James Woods - 2009-10-30
Jesus Fuck. Did any of you vote for this guy? Be honest.
SteamPoweredKleenex - 2009-10-30
Dear Ron,

Go look up what the Spanish Flu did. Now, draw upon what you allegedly know about flu viruses and how rapidly they mutate. Go on, do it. Okay, now, imagine that we do nothing about inoculation regarding Swine Flu, and someday it keeps its rapid infection rate but has a few new bits of DNA that royally fuck over your respiratory system, among other things, and we have no clue how to efficiently create vaccine.

Now please tell me, Mr. "Big Gub'ment is baaad," when was the last time a private company went and made a vaccine all on its lonesome? For bonus points, go look at how private health care in this country has fucked us all over, and then try and break through that cognitive dissonance you seem to have by ramming your head repeatedly with the patent re-filings from any major pharmaco where they're trying to extend their grip on a drug by changing the color of the capsule.

phalsebob - 2009-10-30
Only RONPAUL can reveal this level of reality to us because he wields The Sword of Truth.
HarrietTubmanPI - 2009-10-30
Kudos for the Goodkind reference.

oogaBooga - 2009-10-30
That series was horrible. Why did I read all 11? WHY?

Michael Houser - 2009-10-30
Kill the cats!
pastorofmuppets - 2009-10-30
It's just words...like there's no thought or reasoning, it's like someone combined Hawking's speech synthesis with a random number generator and then filtered the results to only involve words that piss me off.

dead_cat - 2009-10-30
As for swine flu, it IS dangerous, and just because the news is exaggerating things for the ratings again doesn't mean you shouldn't at least look into getting vaccinated for it.
dead_cat - 2009-10-30
Aw hell, that was supposed to be in reply to fractured up there.

zatojones - 2009-10-30
isn't this retard a doctor?
wtf japan - 2009-10-30
Isn't this doctor a retard?

Toenails - 2009-10-30
Seriously though, has TheFlu ever really killed anybody?
engrish muffin - 2009-10-30
I had to stop this right about when he said we had no deaths in this country. I LITERALLY know a guy who died from swine flu. If the government somehow conspired to make me think that a middle aged Chinese friend of my mom's died of H1N1, well, good job government, I guess.
Keefu - 2009-10-30
I used to sort of respect this asshole a couple years ago. Why did I do that?
James Woods - 2009-10-30
George Bush was your president at the time man. It's ok.

athodyd - 2009-10-30
it's not actually okay

Lies, lies, LIES! - 2009-11-08
Feyd? You want to field this one?
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