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Desc:Sorry, Sonichu, but your girlfriend is a psychotic bimbo.
Category:Horror, Humor
Tags:cwc, sonichu, Chris-Chan, audiobook, LOGIC!
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Comment count is 10
Ugh. Multi-part says no. Here are the other two parts:

Sonichu, Rosechu, and Wildchu(?) go to the offices of the 4-cent-garbage pornographic website. They take up the entirety of a 72-story building.
(Be on the lookout for an Obama joke written by Cris's own dad. SO CRAZY)

Wildchu continues his boring quest for the magically lame maguffin. Meanwhile, Sonichu and Rosechu meet with the mysterious Jason. This is where the Killer Uterus clip originally came from.
He makes it so hard to pity him.

Maybe he might get more dates if you didn't draw softcore furry porn comics. Probably not, but it certainly doesn't help.
Showering/bathing, wearing clothes that fit him, losing weight, and working on a word-filter (not telling people that he's a VIRGIN WITH RAGE) might also help his chances.

I wish all crazy people made anthropomorphic comics steeped in their own twisted symbology.

Rosechu's initial reaction to the pictures is priceless. "Oh no, people are drawing nasty pictures of me on the internet! I shall take dozens of cheesechake photos of myself and upload them to the same exact site. That should put everything to rights."

Too much crazy to even begin to get into.
Considering that, in other "episodes" Chris-chan also has her stripping for real and making porn because she is a liberated woman fighting for womens' rights (and that's how you do it in Chris-world), that almost makes se-- no, wait, it doesn't.

5* for the "Dating education classes" pleas.
Lesson #1. Do not upload videos of yourself to Youtube.

"because while sex ed is great for the eventual well earned intercourse after 3 or more dates.."

is anyone else terrified beyond belief?

I used to be, but then it became obvious that, barring his breaking into a hospital coma ward, Chris is not going to make it with a woman without paying for the favor anytime soon. And he's sworn up and down that he will never use sex-workers -- then again, he also swore he'd never drink either, until somebody talked him into it -- so I suppose his disgust at the thought of his first time not being with some perfect, lifelong fantasy mate might disappear just as easily.

Chris-chan can only think of things in quantifiable, countable terms. When a girlfriend was rude to him, she exceeded his "hurtful truth level". When he gets rejected his "heart level" goes down. Thus after getting enough points (or going on enough dates) you gain a level (do the horizontal hoo-hah).

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