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Desc:Put a Dawk on it
Category:Science & Technology, Humor
Tags:science, Richard Dawkins, rathergood.com
Submitted:wtf japan
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Comment count is 10
No. The quote is on here twice already, and the remix just isn't good. Better luck next time.

wtf japan indeed, why did you submit this?
wtf japan
Well, generally I play to an audience. I personally think poetv's Dawkins obsession is retarded and that this video is bad, but if it's what the people want...

Frank Rizzo
normally I would 5 star a dupe just to piss off the dupe fairys.... but jesus this is terrible.

You should apologize.
Five stars.

Also, this isn't even a dupe. What the hell are you talking about?

wtf japan
I refuse to be castigated by a man such as yourself, Rizzo.

Seems like we've got three parties here:

a) Those who can't be bothered to actually watch the video and thereby discover that it is not a dupe.
b) Those who legitimately hate the video. (While I too belong to this group, I submitted it because I was confident it would make it out of the hopper.)
c) Those seven registered individuals who quickly voted it out of the hopper but cannot be bothered to authenticate their appreciation by rating the video.

Parties A and C can go Fawk themselves. Group B should be more vigilant about their hopper duties or cease bitching.

I think Joel Vietch saw the attention "A Glorious Dawn" was getting and tried to jump on the bandwagon in his own retarded way.

Seriously, why is he considered funny? I'm still wondering why they let him do those Subway commercials with his "Spoogemonkeys" or whatever they were.
Sick Man
fading away
Science is interesting, Richard Dawkins is interesting, YouTube is interesting, hell, techno is interesting, but combining them together puts them in an evolutionary unstable state which... ah, fuck it, I'm not interesting.
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