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Desc:This movie is like pornography for the eyes. Wait...
Category:Classic Movies, Fashion
Tags:the fall, The Holy Mountain, tarsem, Tarsem Singh, The cell
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James Woods
Looks awesome. I'll have to watch this now. Thanks Anonymous!

Funny thing is it's been out for a while. The reason for its box office failure is an interesting story. But who cares this is a poetv comment.

Showing people the trailer has generally been enough to get them to watch it. It's an amazing trailer.

I mean getting my friends to watch it. Then they say it was weird because they're mooks.

Incredible movie. I really wonder why it failed.

Googly moogly. Seriously though, great flick.
not the cell
I don't think I've heard of this movie. The sets and costumes look awesome.

How is this associated with the Cell and the Holy Mountain?
Same director as the Cell, if I recall correctly. I actually really enjoyed this movie.

La Loco
It doesn't have anything to do with Holy Mountain. Although it looks like it apes off it a bit.

well now im interested
I'm not the submitter, though I did gush about it on the POEN movies board in April. Its one of a handful of films that make me want to spend money on a Blu-ray player.
I've never heard of this movie, but I'll watch anything if the costumes are amazing.
Meh..the movie's OK. It has really great visuals and some good ideas, but it's really poorly written, I think. Towards the end it really lost cohesion for me. The story-within-a-story mechanic works best when the real-world is minimized as much as possible. It also doesn't help that the story-within is so fantastic and outlandish that it's far more interesting than the real-world story.
Also, The Cell ripped almost every single visual wholesale from modern art exhibits, and half this movie is cribbed from Baraka.

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