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Desc:Outlandish Japanese street gangs hit the road in their outlandish cars.
Category:Fashion, Crime
Tags:Cars, Japan, gangs, bosozoku, Customizing
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Comment count is 28
Holy shit, 2:07.

I like that these are all basically four door family sedans that they've tricked out. No amount of ground effects is going to make your Oldsmobile Intrigue look cool, guy.
Keep in mind that an Oldsmobile is an exotic foreign import in Japan.

Most of those cars are early 70s to early 80s sports sedans.

This is beyond rice.

Certifiably dumb.
5 dumb that is.

Beyond Rice would be a good band name.

Except people might think your songs were about vampires.

I love how all the other traffic is flying past them, including city buses and lorries.
from the sound of it those cars are clearly powered by lawn trimmer engines, so I guess I can understand why

j lzrd / swift idiot
Oh my god 2:03, you're kidding me.
That's what got me as well.

In addition, if you notice that fella's tail is precariously close to getting caught in the rear wheel.

Menudo con queso
Little known fact: that's actually how Isidore Duncan died, not from a silk scarf but a horrible tiger suit mishap.

How can this "street gang" get from point A to point B without getting their asses kicked for driving clown cars?
Based on the kind of cars they drive, these guys have got to be the baddest motherfuckers on the planet. I mean, would YOU be caught dead in public in one of those unless you were A: completely secure in your manhood and B: capable of kicking the living shit out of anyone who said something about it?

James Woods
Yeah, I'm guessing these clowns are armed to the teeth.

it's almost like they are begging people to make fun of them so they can run them down and kill them for scalps

James Woods
N' I wawnt ma scalps.

j lzrd / swift idiot
No Hooper, I would not be caught dead in public in one of those.

Wait, are we talking about the cars, or 2:03?

Better than the ginos around here that trick out their penises with a tail fin, glowy lights under the car, spiny hub caps, and other Walmart bargain junk.
It's just like Death Race 2000!

Hey, I know that guy! He's from carmageddon! That pedestrian scooper really does it's job.
Japan's trashy teenagers are better than our trashy teenagers.
Wow, quite a few early Skylines - I'd kill for one of those here.
This is obviously their revenge for how we utilized the Honda Civic.

Also, we're some unimaginative fucks.
Mister Yuck
Looks like a Japanese take on the American hotrod scene. I love it when Japan warps Americana. Also the music, oh god the music.

A lot of these have amazing exhaust pipes, but 0:40 is just a cut above. Good job, Japanese hoodlums.
The exhaust pipes also double as electric contacts; they have to return these bumper cars to the fair in the morning.

It's fun to watch on YouTube, not fun when they roll by your house all goddamn night long.
Do they have kazoo whistle tips or is something really badly wrong with the audio?
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