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Desc:I never realized these were actually made, I thought they just grew out of Commercial Plants.
Category:Advertisements, Business
Tags:mcdonalds, ronald mcdonald, McDonaldland, gift certificates
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What Do You Mean It Wasn't Made On Drugs?
Total Concept and Feel!
Ronald always goes to the Bunny Ranch and says "It's me"
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I wish I could get a backstage pass to McDonaldland and give Grimace a handjob.

I'm not a furry, though, I swear...
Brown nosing little squirts.
Honestly though, were they to release a comprehensive DVD of all McDonaldland crap throughout the decades, I'd buy it (if a promotional item offered with the purchase of an Extra Value Meal).
Why did they ever get rid of these? No more Grimace, no more Fry Kids, and even Ronald is rarely present. Do I just not watch TV at the right times to see these types of ads anymore?
Sid and Marty Krofft got stiffed out of a fee, and successfully sued in 1977. Some bits of McDonaldland got phased out as a result. http://www.straightdope.com/columns/read/1343/was-mcdonaldland-pla giarized-from-the-old-h-r-pufnstuf-kids-tv-show

I'd always heard that it got phased out further because of some uproar over marketing greasy food to kids, but I don't know if that's true. I expect it's more a matter of kids today having different tastes than kids from the 70s.

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