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Desc:VHS or Beta
Category:Advertisements, Religious
Tags:Bible, Jesus, hanna barbera, lorne greene, Horrible cartoon infinity
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Comment count is 21
I want the one where Jesus meets Peter Potamous.
For only you can own this beautiful cartoon that recycles the same background forty times.
Only 9.95 for three hours worth of crappy cartoons your kids will hate! Order now!
That's about 6 in 1986 dollars if you factor in inflation.

Er, that is to say 6 in 2009 dollars. But you know what I mean.

moral sex
I sure can't wait for the baby versions of all our favorite bible characters.

Maybe they'll be solving some mysteries and get into wacky adventures.
wtf japan
Is that kid crying at 1:09?
poetry publishing guide
The crappy, I mean, awesome synth music distorted through the aged videotape makes this for me. I love you POETV, se3riously.
"Share them with your family or keep them on a high glass shelf, just out of your child's reach as a poignant reminder of the unattainable purity of God's love!"
wait, is that high glass shelf in a fucking rainforest???

I had to watch stuff like this as a kid.

"Wait, so God said 'thou shalt not kill', but how come its okay when David kills Goliath?"

I never got a straight answer out of that one. I guess I was just supposed to think "Oh, he knocked him out and then decapitated him. Smart. Praise the Lord."

"Hanna Barbera has a lot to be proud of."

Why don't you pick up a real Bible and tell the stories to the kids, you'd save a lot of money, your kids would love you more!

Note the conveniently placed All-Star Snork.
Somewhere someone has these tapes and the ability to make Sealab-esque episodes.

I hope.
I hope too, as soon as possible.

Oh god.. I still have The Nativity and Easter ones. I remember that they had three kids going on bible adventures.
Wasn't there an Anime show called "Superbook" which had a plot just like that?

Rodents of Unusual Size
To be fair, the stories from the Bible are about on par with Yo Yogi!

Also everyone in this video is related to the Osmonds, I can tell.
Shameless moneygrab attempt. I hated the fuck out of these.
i have seen a shit ton of those. my family's old church has a bunch and i went to tons of vacation bible school when i was a kid. they're all suuuuuuuuuuper epic and yeah pretty much an embarrassment to all cel animation.
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