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Desc:Now entirely based on evangelical theology
Category:Religious, Humor
Tags:daniel songer, danpoetman, still not funny, eucharist, transignification
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Comment count is 16
This is amazing. That is all.
3-star because I could only sit through half of it.

also, he has fans?
Adham Nu'man
I don't think you're getting the point.

Adham Nu'man
He is a tool of Satan, sent to alienate people from Christianity. He is the antichrist, the deceiver.
Show of hands, anyone who is surprised this guy is a bigtime Christian?
And he is totally not gay, because the Bible says that being gay is bad.

His songs... are just so ridiculous... It's like how a 5 year old constructs music.
HP Lovesauce
REO Speedwagon = Soul.

Message received, thanks Jesus!
Yea, as an atheist, I really care that atheism is a SIN.
This guy is, by far, the most baffling extrovert I've ever seen.
Thanks, Christians, for making such an awesome world. Now kindly catapult yourselves towards heaven, I believe it's in the direction of the sun.

How big a catapult do you have to build to shoot Christians into the sun? Are there any gifted mathematical engineer types here?
No. We don't do math here. All the math people are hanging out on a site that isn't infested with hilarious thirteen year olds who just discovered that atheism exists.

I propose a letter-writing campaign to get him a spot on Oprah. The world needs this.
I've never wanted to be anything less than I want to be a Christian now.
Testicles of Doom
5 stars, 3 reasons:

1) The nervous laugh when he says his name.
2) His nervous pacing.
3) His Christian "dancing" includes pelvis thrusting.
If I had just one preload image to describe Daniel Songer, it'd be this one.
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