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Desc:at a chainsaw-wielding inbred retard hick called Jesse James Dupree
Category:Classic TV Clips, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:Tom Green, Chainsaw, retards, Jesse James Dupree, inbred hick
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Comment count is 17
Well, to be fair, that dude in the third row just got the awesomest souvenir ever.

(Wonder what Jesse James Dupree is up to these days? I'm guessing ever overdoses or county fairs or both.)
To be fair, that WAS a pretty sweet desk.

Like a year ago, he was in another really crappy band, I forget what they were called, but they sucked. Albuquerque is trapped in the 80s, so they used to play it on our rock station all the time for a while. You know, when the DJs WEREN'T talking about how much they love BOOBS and BEER. It was as godawful as you would expect!
5 Stars for Tom Green's acting job!

"What is that expression about shoes and feet?"

a flaming monkey
Parking lot fight!
Tom Green's entire career was based on his irritating other people and destroying his parent's belongings. What a dick.
Showbusiness, baby.

Green got upstaged by somebody using his schitck. It never was about the desk.

La Loco
Exactly what I'm thinking. They both fail. Tom for looking like a petty hypocrite and Jesse for not keeping up the bad ass character a chainsaw implies. Painful to watch.

Tom Green sucks, Jesse was cooler about everything.

Id be happy as hell to have my own late night show and have people come in and destroy my desk, itd be awesome.

Look at him... sulking at his drums...
I absolutely love, LOVE, how Tom can dish it out but he can't take it.
The irresistible douche force meets the immovable douche object.
Best PoEtv comment ever.

Are we certain the whole thing wasn't planned? Is Tom Green really that much of a bitch?

Testicles of Doom
Well, Kojak, it's not like Tom Green is a good actor by any stretch of the imagination.

Sort of related, a friend of mine met this Jackyl dude and said he was (unexpectedly) the coolest, nicest "rock star" he'd ever met.

infinite zest
this guy was in Jackyl
Big Muddy
Well, in that he embodies all that Jackyl is, yes.
Green was no more angry than Andy Kaufman after a wrasslin match.

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