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Desc:clip from 'The PCP Story'
Category:Classic Movies
Tags:drugs, seventies, pcp, Angel Dust
Submitted:poetry publishing guide
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The Townleybomb
I have a feeling that this would be five stars if I had any PCP.
pressed peanut sweepings
He has the ice in him.

my friend tried to get me to smoke PCP with him in college. I said "You are fucking insane." He smoked some, shat his pants, started screaming, and never did it again.
my friend tried to get a bunch of us to smoke pcp with her. she said we could go to the gym and impress everyone with how strong we were. i think she ended up buying ketamine instead

never done ketamine, but I met a very interesting woman (old family friend) who was addicted to it. She worked for joseph campbell in the 60's. He fired her, due to the drugs. She wrote some pretty interesting books on the effects of psycotropic deaths and has been trying to get ketamine adopted for people on their death beds to use to alleviate their pain and have a nice trip before they drift off in the afterlife.

end-stage PCP addiction is characterized by color inversion and dramatic zoom
Old People
Take em.

That was the most disturbing zoom in ever.
Welp, no PCP for me.
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