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Desc:I dont know, you sure about that?
Category:Educational, Arts
Tags:Dio, Ronnie James Dio, SCREAM!
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Comment count is 9
La Loco
It's true, I rarely remember my dreams when I'm wasted.
Syd Midnight
"ROCKERS AGAINST DRUGS? THAT'S LIKE CHRISTIANS AGAINST CHRIST!" Doing one of these commercials was mandatory public service for all lead singers who got caught with a bag of coke in 1988.
No thanks bro.
My dream is to wear a vest and sit next to some french doors.
Only drugs and dreams combined could explain stabbing an alien in the cock with a futuristic cattle probe.
My ass, Ronnie James Dio.
My dream is to be the second-string replacement for the main guy in an already successful lineup of musicians who would basically all fucking vanish if drugs didn't exist.
Maggot Brain
I've have always tried to live my life by the teachings of Ronnie James Dio.
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