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Desc:Good idea: Give Alex Wright a Eurotrash/rivethead gimmick. Bad idea: Do it a month after Columbine.
Category:Sports, Trailers
Tags:wcw, wrestling, pro wrestling, wrestlecrap, Alex Wright Tag
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Comment count is 9
And yeah, this gimmick was totally more of a Matrix-inspired thing than Columbine, but wow, talk about terrible timing.

(Also note: the bootleg not-quite-Carmina Burana)
WCW once wanted to call a heel wrestler 'the Final Solution'. It actually had to be pointed out to the booker that that particular name might be a bad move, so they changed it to 'the Ultimate Solution'.

What I'm saying is, the people there weren't very smart.

WCW was so awesomely bad. I don't know how they stayed in business as long as they did. (yeah, I do - the southern audiences didn't want Vince's product. the more WCW tried to compete with WWE, the farther they strayed from their core audience. No Limit Soldiers and all that)

five for exactly how bad WCW was.

WCW was like the entire membership of a muscle gym all deciding they wanted to LARP.

All I know from watching Youtube clips is WCW had Macho Man setting an ambush involving ramming a hummer into a limousine...and that is fucking AWESOME!

...this is just weird.

There was also the Macho Man as a pimp carrying a bucket of excrement, hoping to pour it atop someone's head.

It was foiled by s petite blond who was hiding in a gym bag he brought into the ring.

The Faghorn
Worst idea: Trust Paul Roma to help him look good in his debut match.
So, got that out of your system now, Hooper?
These things just happen, man. You can't control them.

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