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Category:Short Films
Tags:moments, public radio
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Comment count is 30
that title makes no sense.


James Woods
Yeah, I counted too at first. lol
Still. :D

Technically only sixteen of these are moments, so...

16: moments is what it is titled on youtube, i think the 16 must stand for the radio lab episode, or something like that.

Johnny Madhouse
I'm going to go do stuff and things right now!
James Woods
I'd also like to add that the music is great. Fits nicely in the realm of Sigor Ros and Penguin Cafe Orchestra.
Boom de yadda, boom de yadda, boom de yadda, boom de yadda.
:D yes, this

j lzrd / swift idiot

"It kinda makes you wanna--

Break into song?"


That was really nice.


Just nice.

This deserves acclaim.
Rodents of Unusual Size
I want this sent out into space as a way of telling aliens about us.
Mike Tyson?!
This made me feel really depressed.
La Loco
Radio Lab rawks!
Radio Lab is a good show. Anyone who hasn't heard of it should give it a listen.
Freeman Gordon
whatever whatever
Dude, you're regarded as one of the dumbest posters on PoETV.

Thank you for saying you don't like this - it lends credence to it's quality.

Now get your mouth back on my cock.

Walt Henderson
Freeman Gordon, you're slightly better than that guy with the dollar sign in his name, though you're not quite at the level of La Loco's retarded icanhazcheezburger spam.

Freeman Gordon
Oh my dear haters, kindly cease with the animosity.

Hater implies I have any fucking idea who you are.

oh you're the guy i said something to, right


is this a bad time to admit i read am not familiar with you, and note your equal membership on this website as somewhat offensive only for your observable ignorance?

Walt Henderson
May I respectfully suggest that you take some dialogue cues from your namesake and shut the fuck up?

Freeman Gordon
Walt Henderson
You're not very good at this.

Lauritz Melchior
This is beautiful.
This is the best thing since Urkel shocked Grandma Winslow with a car battery while he made Carl watch.
Banal Intercourse
For every American that will watch and enjoy this, there are thirty Americans who will watch and enjoy "Two and a Half Men".
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