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oogaBooga - 2009-11-18

I love hulu. I think im going to go watch some episodes of Exosquad now!

voodoo_pork - 2009-11-18

Holy shit, Exosquad. Really?

Triggerbaby - 2009-11-18

We're sorry, currently our video library can only be streamed within the United States.

Lindner - 2009-11-18

Awww, poor baby. I'll have to enjoy it twice in your honor.

Louis Armstrong - 2009-11-18

I like the slight acknowledgement of horror and then dismissal in Steve Martin when Chris Elliot makes his claim about the jars of turtle wax.

Yellow Lantern - 2009-11-18

It's shipped in a plain brown wrapper with the words "Not Penis Creme" stamped all over it in big red letters.

Hay Belly - 2009-11-18

Yay! I thought I'd never see this again. My tape melted.

"I hope you and your Steve Martin's Beauty Cream will be very happy."

PurpleXVI - 2009-11-18

1-star for fucking Hulu.

Time Travel Mishap - 2009-11-18

oh dear lord in heaven this website really is so horrible. they make you watch 30 second COMMERCIALS!!!! THE HORROR! and they don't let people outside of the states watch! AMERICAN ELITIST CRAP!

Seriously this whole fad of judging a video based on the website is almost as dumb as truthers. you are half a step up from a truther.

RockBolt - 2009-11-18


Dinkin Flicka - 2009-11-19

What the FUCK, RockBolt. The moron above you JUST said don't judge the website, judge the video. Don't be so stupid.

heyitslozeau - 2009-11-18

5 starring just for people bitching about hulu.

twinkieafternoon - 2009-11-18

I tried to come up with a clever name for people who mock Hulu (for their reasons). I wanted a name along the lines of "teabaggers", in that it's a dirty name that kind of explains what they do/did(/is that shit still going on?).

I came up with (Ruby) Star-fruits, because they one-star videos, the stars are red-orangish, and they're assholes.

So, how does it sound that anyone who one stars Hulu videos is a Starfruit? If it sounds bad, you can be honest.

pastorofmuppets - 2009-11-19

it's calling someone an asshole and gay at the same time...i think i approve

pastorofmuppets - 2009-11-19

i should add though that
- there was no need for you to put that much thought into it
- star-bellied bitches works better

Cleaner82 - 2009-11-18

Yay Hulu!

snothouse - 2009-11-19

How did "I thought it was for something else" not get a laugh?

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