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Category:Classic TV Clips
Tags:Smurfs, Zach Galifianakis, Conan Orien, Between Two Ferns
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Comment count is 18
The Townleybomb
This comedy is funny.
al k duh
for me this video peaks at :08 -- "ssshhhhut the fuck up."
Man Who Fights Like Woman
The sound of a cricket riding a tumbleweed.
"I was just listing my favorite tonight show hosts in order"

I'm glad Andy and Zach are friends.
Mumble angrily at Meryl Streep.
The crappy, midi version of Conan's theme.
The subtle jokes are what make these things so rewatchable.

This is the highest-rated talk show in my whole house.
Tuan Jim
I love it when these three men are assholes.

-1 because fuck andy dick forever.
Hay Belly
This wasn't that good and Yes automatic low rating with anything to do with Andy Dick. God it's annoying when people do this.

The Mothership
Andy Dick sightings are getting fewer and farther between and soon he will be dead.

The joke is that andy dick is not funny.
four people I'd be afraid of meeting in real life.
I'm gonna have to say that none of these guys are scary or intimidating in any way. Even when Zach screams at the top of his lungs its cute.

Big Muddy
How much groping when on in those last few seconds? Cause I missed some.
Big Muddy

But why the "h" fuckbrain?

"What's funny is..."
*Moves hand to cricket button*

Fuck Andy Dick.
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