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Desc:This week, Zero Punctuation reviews Dragon Age: Origins.
Category:Video Games, Humor
Tags:zero punctuation, Yahtzee, escapist, Dragon Age
Submitted:Caminante Nocturno
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Comment count is 15
A sword sticking out of the ground in the title screen? Zelda II did that 20 years ago, you hacks.

I'm sure this game is delightful but I am easily sure that it falls prey to the same Tolkein-plagiarizing cliche party that keeps me far far away from most fantasy entertainment and by extension most western RPG's. Bioware, you were supposed to be the exception! Look what you've become!
So is high fantasy really a big market for video games still? No game has so effectively nullified my interest as much as Dragon Age, and I have to imagine that there are legions of jaded gamers like myself. Why do all RPGs have to be either high fantasy, light fantasy, or sci-fi? Why can't there be a western RPG? Or a Dirty Harry RPG? Or even an Agatha Christie RPG?
Bad Dudes RPG.

Shadow Hearts is a satirical Lovecraft-meets-Historical-Anachronisms RPG. Play that.

Well, I guess I should say, unplayable JRPGs notwithstanding.

Jagged Alliance 2--

-- moooooore or leeeesss...

The is Alpha Protocol, the spy rpg coming next year. That sounds like the sort of thing you'd like.

a flaming monkey
there are plenty of ridiculous pen-and-paper rpgs out there. Pretty much anything you can think of really. They just don't sell well, and nobody plays them. I'm afraid you're probably stuck with generic fantasy videogames for a while still...

Wild Arms is a western RPG, cocksucker.

Yahtzee must love the fantasy game setting.

"On second thoughts, let's not call it being 'asexual'. That feels a wee bit pretentious. 'Celibate' will do. I can still see the appeal of emptying one's grubby little speed bag, I'm just lost on why it's so important that you catch the residue in another person's organic waste paper basket."-Yahtzee 9/29/2009

And yes, I pasted that quote on the last Yahtzee video too. I think that is a quote awful enough to warrant multiple pastings.
Mother saga
that was a reply to Hooker

I really appreciate the workmanlike zeal with which he attacks a game he actually enjoys.
I'm surprised he didn't see the game as a giant taint joke.

My favorite line: "Submit yourself to the taint."
Yahtzee: "I want games with story, character development, and atmosphere!"

Game: "Once upon a time..."

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